Sunday, April 5, 2009

"Delft Blue" Cake

This was a chocolate cake filled with chocolate butter cream, covered with MMF.
Tulip, kissing couple, clogs and windmill were
hand modeled and free hand painted gumpaste. They are one of a kind and fully edible.


Lia Muse said...

Hello.... ini cake superb deh; its blue and dutchy....
Terima pesanan ya ?! I'm not on Multiply anymore.....
Good luck with your cakes business.

Lisa said...

Hello jg Lia, sorry br liat message loe deh :)
iya, terima pesenan dr rumah skrg, gw jg jrg buka MP deh (kali dah stahunan lbh deh)

Thank you Lia, nice to meeting you in here :)


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